Job at Johnston is GREATNESS

Just a quick note, the tile job at Johnston is GREATNESS.  We went by to look at the restrooms closest to the Cafeteria, and they looked fantastic!  Meredith – Had you been part of BP17 and part of a contract with a really poor tile sub, you would understand how happy we are at this moment!  Gale – I'll text you a pic, but if you get a chance to drop in, it's the restrooms as you enter from the side entrance and turn left at the corridor.  It's the large format blue/white tile. MN at NR2 Architects

Multi-family Developer

Fabulous Floors is the most diversified flooring company I have ever known.  They do so many different types of work in many different industries, and their quality and service is the same each time.  They always go that extra step.  They are extremely detail – oriented from estimating to field supervision, to meeting deadlines to putting on the finishing touches.  In one job situation, we had a corporate deadline, and the salesperson was on a forklift helping to meet the deadline along with the other installers.  They are just extremely dedicated to their clients and have a very strong work ethic.  They also know where to save money and time while ensuring the quality stays in place.
Susan, VP Operations, Multi-family Developer

Custom Homebuilder

The bottom line is most people think flooring companies are all the same, but Fabulous Floors truly is different and the difference is the professional service they provide from the inception of the project to the incredibly accurate estimates, logistics planning, and superintendents that oversee every job detail with crews that have all been in the flooring business a very long time.  No one at Fabulous  Floors is a rookie. Everyone has been doing whatever part of the business they do for the biggest part of their professional lives. It's truly unparalleled service and knowledge.
Cory, Custom Homebuilder

Corporate Project Manager

I've had a very long relationship with Fabulous Floors and one of their best qualities before they ever start installing is their incredibly accurate bidding whereby they catch problems on the plans and bring them to our attention before they even start the work, always giving quantities so that the client really knows what is truly being bid.  Offering this kind of information gives me a confidence that I am only paying for exactly what I need .  It has instilled a lot of trust, and provides me with vital information that I need to make a good decision on going with one flooring company over another.
JohnCorporate Project Manager